Love & Alvarez proudly supports Kathy's Legacy Foundation's fundraiser to provide support for victims of domestic violence and their families.  Hooves, Hats & Hope takes place at noon on July 22, 2018 at the Star Fiddle Skyroom at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

The event will feature the classic racing scene like never before. Hooves, Hats and Hope will be held in one of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club’s Star Fiddle Skyroom which features panoramic views of the racetrack and Del Mar coastline. The event will also feature a private wagering windows, a private patio, gourmet buffet and a no-host cocktail bar. 

The event will help change the lives of children impacted by domestic violence by helping to fund the foundation’s programs such as the Silver Lining and Share the Dream programs. The Silver Lining program is an innovative program established by Kathy’s Legacy Foundation that provides financial and emotional assistance for children orphaned by domestic violence.  This is a unique private/public partnership between the San Diego District Attorney's office and Kathy’s Legacy that enhances the existing Victim Advocacy Program to meet the needs of children surviving the devastating murder of a parent via domestic violence.

If you would like to join us in supporting victims of intimate partner violence you can buy ticket at the link below.


Horses, Hooves & Hope-14

Domestic violence in the number one cause of injury to women. Intimate partner violence is not limited to women. One in four men have been victims of some sort of intimate partner violence in their lifetime. Love and Alvarez Psychology is working with nonprofits to help raise awareness about this potentially deadly epidemic. Their team provides victims with therapy free of charge through Kathy's Legacy Foundation and helps to raise funds so victims can get on with their lives and provide for their families. The latest event is aimed at raising hope for the Rodriquez family. Intimate partner violence left three young girls without their parents after their mother was murdered by her estranged husband. If you are interested in helping to raise hope for the Rodriquez girls you can contribute to the Hooves, Hats & Hope event at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.