Restraining Order Seminar

Several dozen people turned out for the domestic violence restraining order seminar. Divorce Psychologist Dr. Lori Love explained that domestic violence could consist of more than physical violence. Dr. Love spelled out that domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that establishes power and control over another person through fear and intimidation. She gave examples of how that can range from emotional abuse to isolating people from their family and friends. Participants were given details about the cycle of domestic violence to gain a better understanding of the challenges people face looking to leave a violent and/or controlling situation. Superior Court Judge Margo Lewis discussed the type of evidence required to receive a domestic violence restraining order and explained that domestic violence restraining orders are given to people who are in a relationship with one another either now or in the past, have shared children or lived together previously. Participants were also given specific guidance on how to prepare for the court hearing needed to obtain a restraining order. Superior Court Judge Dwayne Moring touched on firearms emergency protective orders and how they are put in place to protect family members who fear for their safety. To fill out the needed forms to file for a domestic violence restraining order you can go to the links below. or

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