About Us

Drs. Love & Alvarez have over 33 years of combined experience performing child custody evaluations and mediation, including handling high profile and high conflict cases.

The book "Child Custody Evaluation and Mediation Preparation", co-authored by Drs. Love & Alvarez and available at Amazon.com offers clients both insight and guidance for more effective preparation when facing custody evaluations and mediation.

Dr. Miguel Alvarez has worked with children and families of divorce for the past 16 years. Dr. Alvarez performs child custody evaluations, mediation, child counseling services and adult counseling services for both English speaking and Spanish speaking families.

“My goal is to prepare you for Family Court Services, Mediation, and Custody Evaluations by helping you to focus on what matters and be the best parent that you can be.”

Dr. Lori Love has been specializing in working with children and families of divorce for more than 20 years. She routinely performs child custody evaluations, child custody mediation, and special master assignments. In addition, Dr. Love is well known for her presentations that combine humor and high energy with education.

“My hope is that you are enlightened and able to put your best foot forward for the betterment of your family.”